REHco OnSiteService

From home systems to business networks, REHco OnSiteService can take care of all your computing needs.

Located in Leah, Georgia, we provide training and other OnSite Services in products designed by companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Assistive Software Companies.
We are engaged in the business of consulting services, and hardware/software design. We also provide data management, on site training, and support at every level.
Our particular strength is in low cost and rapid production of informal and small-scale projects.
We provide assistance to organizations and individuals that wish to publish information on the Internet, from Web Site Design to Web Hosting.

We provide Many Advantages to our Clients.

  • Training is done using your system and data, creating productive proficiency.
  • Trainee's are more receptive to training in a familiar atmosphere.
  • Employee's are trained on employer premises, reducing lost work time.
  • We also install, re-install, re-locate, or up-grade systems.

    We are an ADA advocate, providing assistive technology services in conjunction with WindowEyes, Kurtzweil, ZoomText, Jaws, WinVision and many other assistive software & hardware products.
    We have experience with most database management programs such as MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, my SQL, and Paradox and are able to handle porting, conversion. and report design.

    From basics to advanced concepts, We can help!

    REHco OnSiteService